The Unstoppable K-Dramas Popularity is Proven!

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Decades ago, we were very familiar with the bulk amounts of movies from China. Of course, Hollywood is still the king and it rocks! But, we cannot avoid our excitement in watching various China movies, especially the ones with such high budgets. 

We have recalled the success of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” in which we must have watched for its sequel "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny," released in February 2016. The first sequel was a huge success and grabbed more than forty awards, while grossing more than USD 200 million worldwide. The uncountable Chinese movies since the early 70s have been the best entertainment sources for movie-goers. 

But, lately, we have seen the significant growth of Korean drama during the past decade. Yes, dramas from South Korea. Not movies. Well, there were good South Korean movies, which have been awarded for their excellent cinematography and story plots. Korean movies also got special awards at Cannes Film Festivals several times. 

Not A Quick-Scheme Popularity 

It wasn’t until the beginning of the millennium when some Korean dramas got lots of appreciation from non-Korean spoken countries. South Korean has made thousands of dramas for decades, but the popularity of K drama began when “Jewel In The Palace” was becoming the major attention among countries in Europe, Canada, United States, and mostly Asia. 

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People worldwide were astonished with the twisting plot of this true-story based drama. It was in 2003, the year when other Korean dramas started getting a huge attention and massive appreciation until now.

On the other hand, K-dramas related to K-pops that turns out to be the fashion trend setter among teens and young people worldwide. We can easily notice the K-pop stars play as the main roles in K-dramas, because they can easily reach more viewers and gain higher ratings, as well as more income from advertising. 

This is definitely a huge success, not only for Korean dramas producers, but also South Korean business owners who can promote their products like shoes, outfits, cellular phones, and other kinds of luxury stuff like furniture. 


It is easier to see people, who are strongly addicted to K-dramas and it applies worldwide. South Korean television channels are easy to access and they contribute to high ratings for some Korean dramas with interesting story plots, and charming actors or actresses. 

Of course, there are also people who underestimate K-dramas, as they consider that they only contain monotonous love-story themes. Well, their opinions are somewhat true, because love themes are still the most favorite ones, especially among teens. 

But, K-dramas producers understand that television viewers need more than just cliché stories about a twisted love relationship between a truly rich man and a very poor woman with the very noble heart. This classic theme still has its own fans, though these days, viewers abroad are more interested in certain themes like thriller, action, and horror. 

It is somewhat interesting to see some stories that many Americans share about how they got attracted to Korean movies and dramas, at the first time. You might have been in a circumstance when you don’t like to watch a television program, but you are curious about it. 

The same thing applies to those, who didn’t like Korean dramas, nor movies. They tried to watch the one, which has become a hot topic on social media websites and reached high ratings. Then, after watching for about ten or twenty minutes, they continued watching the whole episode, and waited for the next episode! hahaha this is totally me when i first discover about k dramas 😂😂

We can imagine how Korean dramas turn to be very phenomenal. As most of them are non Koreans, they admitted that they love watching Korean dramas as they can easily learn the Korean language, know better about Korean culture and customs, while taking a glimpse at the mouthwatering Korean foods which are rich in variety.

But, don’t forget that the K-pop also contributes to the popularity of K-dramas. Remember “Gangnam Style”, by Psy? As this song hit so many radio stations and television channels worldwide, as well as YouTube and other social media networks, there was an increasing interest of Korean pop music, ever since. As it was mentioned above, K-pop music relates a lot with K-dramas and movies, because most boy band or girl band members are also popular as the main role. 

So, don’t be shy to admit that you are one of Korean dramas fans! There are millions of people, out there throughout the universe, who share similar interests with you!