25 Things That Makes Me Happy

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Thanks for tag Budakkoko & Leo. Sorry sebab lambat pulak buat post . heh
So here we goooo

De rules

1. Create a new post + insert the theme picture above.
2. List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (it can be any language that you want)
3. Mention the blog that have tagged you (of course it can be more than a blog)
4. Tag at least other 5 bloggers & make sure they know they've been tagged!
5. You might also share your favorite quote of the week! (if none,then it's okay)


  1. of course have a lot of money $$$$$ kaching kaching haha
  2. working at a bookstore (just imagine betapa bestnya dikelilingi dgn buku) gila haha
  3. pergi concert my favorite idols
  4. dikelilingi dengan chocolateeeeee (it feels so good haha)
  5. rainy days
  6. creative ideas yang muncul secara tiba2
  7. new experiences
  8. baking (although i haven't bake in my entirely life)
  9. good friends,not the fake ones
  10. new post from my favorite bloggers
  11. 9 hours of sleeping 
  12. delicious foods
  13. korean dramas of course
  14. staring at G-dragon cute face 
  15. online shopping
  16. bila poslaju datang rumah, "barang aku dah sampai!" kihkih
  17. a family vacation
  18. cute babies (i love to make them cry T_T)
  19. followers blog cecah 6k
  20. day dreaming
  21. slim body (please lah lemak)
  22. ariana grande's songs
  23. driving (although aku masih trauma,i just can't >.<)
  24. result gempak
  25. sambung belajar (amin)

As for favorite quotes,buat masa sekarang tak ada lah. 

5 comments on "25 Things That Makes Me Happy"
  1. waahh ~ so many similarities >< and no 2 . arghh bestnyaaa

  2. omg yes working at bookstore + surround with all the books /what a heaven/ hahahaha

  3. Most of them are things that make me happy too! Hehe

  4. Banyak gaklah benda yang sama :D